Barnard Castle and District 5s & 3s League








The Santos Lavin Individual Trophy 2012/13
Positions after week 26
Hedley Paul Beaconsfield 50
Dominick Rob White Swan 49
Hutchinson Raymond High Force 47
Jenkins Kenny Diamond Inn B 45
Howe Arnie White Swan 44
Hughes Chuck White Swan 44
Peart Ali Middleton Club A 44
Atkinson David Red Lion 43
Foster Walter High Force 43
Wallace Mark Middleton Club A 43
Hedley Mike Red Lion 42
Little Mark Diamond Inn B 42
Robson Denis Commercial 42
Bainbridge Auriel High Force 41
Bainbridge Neville High Force 41
Dent Keith Red Lion 41
Henderson Rita Commercial 41
Armstrong Ian Diamond Inn B 40
Moore Ruby Commercial 40
Hedley Ian Wheatsheaf A 39
Howson David Beaconsfield 39
Makepeace Bill Middleton Club A 39
Petty Alan White Swan 38
Sowerby Stephen Blue Bell 38
Hardy Brian Kings Head, C'fld 37
Hutchinson Trevor High Force 37
Makepeace Malcolm Middleton Club A 37
Thompson Colin Blue Bell 37
Trowles Julie Diamond Inn B 37
Hamilton Craig Cricketers Arms 36
Scott Ian Middleton Club A 36
Stancill Phyl Blue Bell 36
Armstrong Dennis Diamond Inn B 35
Bell Michael Beaconsfield 35
Fletcher John Wheatsheaf A 35
Horn Derek DLI Club 35
Vitty Paula Commercial 35
Jackson Peter Wheatsheaf A 34
Kirby Sandra Kings Head, C'fld 34
Robinson John Cricket Club B 34
Weatherall Dave Cricketers Arms 34
Bainbridge Jason Cricketers Arms 33
Green Graham Red Lion 33
Reed Maureen Blue Bell 33
Wearmouth Alan Blue Bell 33
Smith Graham Kings Head, C'fld 32
Teasdale Nigel Commercial 32
Walton Margaret High Force 32
Dalton David Kings Head, C'fld 31
Dalton Robbie Red Lion 31
Gaskin Jennifer Blacksmiths A 31
Hughes Teresa White Swan 31
Maughan Barry Kings Head, C'fld 31
Maughan Roger Cricketers Arms 31
Mitchell Carole DLI Club 31
Granger James Cricket Club B 30
Jackson Victor Beaconsfield 30
Pattison Peter Kings Head, C'fld 30
Roberts Jim DLI Club 30
Sparrow Gerald Cricket Club B 30
Spence Ian Wheatsheaf A 30
Wall Robert Red Lion 30
Ashmore Frank Cricket Club B 29
Blackburn Rose Cricketers Arms 29
Heavisides Alan Blacksmiths A 29
Kennedy Michael Blacksmiths A 29
Scarr Graham Beaconsfield 29
Hunter Ian Red Lion 28
Robinson David Cricket Club B 28
Howe Val White Swan 27
Blackburn Dave Cricketers Arms 25
Watson Gillian Blacksmiths A 25
Bell Brian Wheatsheaf A 24
Blackett Audrey Wheatsheaf A 24
Marquiss Dave Beaconsfield 24
Nettleton Billy Blacksmiths A 24
Anderson Peter Cricket Club B 23
Bowe Roly Cricket Club B 23
Manning Mike Middleton Club A 23
Tinkler Jean DLI Club 23
Barber Keith Beaconsfield 22
Mitchell Tony DLI Club 22
Dickson Mark Blacksmiths A 21
Hackworth-Young Jane Blacksmiths A 21
Richards Karen DLI Club 21
Stancill Paul Blue Bell 21
Hall Alan Cricketers Arms 20
Wheeler Frank Commercial 20
Anderson Wendy Cricket Club B 19
Ideson Stephen Blue Bell 19
Peart Sue Middleton Club A 18
Everitt Kevin White Swan 17
Tinkler Eddie DLI Club 17
Dunn W Diamond Inn B 16
Ross Robbie DLI Club 16
Scott Bob Middleton Club A 15
Batt Wayne Blacksmiths A 14
Jones Keith Cricketers Arms 14
Cross Sam Commercial 13
Davison Colin Kings Head, C'fld 13
Parkin Scott Diamond Inn B 13
Irving Graham DLI Club 12
Scaife Brian Wheatsheaf A 12
Sparrow Brian Cricket Club B 12
Walton Mac High Force 10
Clark Neil White Swan 9
Jones Ron Cricket Club B 8
Lodge Pip Beaconsfield 8
Spence Reg Blue Bell 8
Henderson Bobby Commercial 7
Pattison Andrew Kings Head, C'fld 7
Spenceley Fred Blue Bell 7
Hartas Christine Blacksmiths A 6
Braithwaite Fred Commercial 5
Dalton John Kings Head, C'fld 5
Dunn T Diamond Inn B 5
Walton Colin High Force 5
Walton M Diamond Inn B 5
Bethray Alan  Wheatsheaf A 4
Lyle Andy Middleton Club A 4
Pattison Lewis Kings Head, C'fld 3
Simpson M Diamond Inn B 3
Richards Dennis DLI Club 2
Tinkler Anje DLI Club 2
Walker Allan White Swan 2
Bell Christopher Beaconsfield 1
Glendenning Gordon DLI Club 1
Kipling Terry Kings Head, C'fld 1
McNad William Diamond Inn B 1
Mitchell Malcolm Commercial 1
Smith Howard White Swan 1
Watson David Middleton Club A 1


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