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Information on how to get your Smartphone working with WI-FI calling

As you may know indoor cell phone coverage especially in the more remote parts of Teesdale can be patchy, even in parts of Barnard Castle indoor reception is often not good, however most Pubs/Clubs have Wi-Fi available and you just have to ask for the password to be able to access it.

Wi-Fi calling is now available from all mobile operators but is usually restricted to those who have a monthly contract with their service provider, you will also have to ask your service provider to enable the service on your account as it not enabled by default. There are usually no extra charges involved with this. If you have a Pay As You Go contract they generally donít have access to this service. To use it you will need a Smartphone of fairly recent vintage, usually phones manufactured within the last couple of years will have this feature. If youíre not sure the easiest way to find out is to visit your service providers Web site and search for Wi-Fi calling and you will find a list of phones that they have tested and work on their network. Better still, call in at one of their retail shops and ask one of their staff to find out if your phone is suitable, and to check that itís enabled on your account, and then do the settings for you.

Once you have it working it automatically uses the WI-FI network to make calls and send texts if you donít have service from their network. So you can save yourself the trouble of having to pop outside to get network coverage to send your text result.