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Barnard Castle and District 5’s and 3’s

Minutes of the 2019 AGM


The Barnard Castle and District 5’s and 3’s AGM was held at The Cricket Club, Barnard Castle on Tuesday 13th August 2019.


Open and Apologies

A minute’s silence was held to honour all past players.


The Chairman, Eddie Tinkler opened the meeting at 8.00pm and welcomed all representatives and committee members: - Nick Peckett, Theresa Rogers-Walshaw, Gillian Watson and Linda Raper.  No other apologies were put forward.


Minutes of 2018 AGM

A show of hands approved the minutes of the 2018 AGM – proposed by Dave Dolton and seconded by Frank.  There were no matters arising from the minutes and they were unanimously approved.


Chairman’s Report

“You will be pleased to know that in keeping with past practice, this report will be brief and to the point.


I would like to thank the committee and helpers, captains, Barnard Castle WMC, Middleton Club, Cricket Club and all other pubs and clubs for contributing to another successful domino season.


There are three things I would to like to communicate.


1                    We need a bigger committee to ensure continuity of the league – a Vice Chairman would be handy for starters!!

2                    We need more players – spread the word – it’s a great little game, this is your league, lets keep it going strong;

3                    Game play – marking aspect:

Uncle Albert Einstein said that a clever person solved problems, but a wise person avoids them, so with that in mind:’-


Marker pegs need to be a good fit, proper marker pegs are preferred to minimise the risk of accidental peg removal.  BCWMC use blue tack to stabilise the board – good idea!


Ensure the markers are competent, ensure your premises lighting is suitable.  In the event of a dispute over the position of accidentally removed markers, the delegated markers should be the people sorting it out not Uncle Tom Cobley and all, that’s what you delegate them for.  If an agreement can’t be reached, abandon that game and refer it to the committee.


If any pegs are removed maliciously during a game, that should also be referred to the committee.


If anyone is persistently mismarking, inform the team captains.


I think what has been said should be added to the gameplay rather than introduce new rules.


Finally – the new season is about to begin, lets all enjoy it in a friendly competitive manner and get the boards out as much as possible, thank you, Eddie Tinkler


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

We ended the season with a profit of £272.36 (slightly down on last year) giving us a carryover balance of £1805.35.

Many thanks once again to our raffle ticket and football card sellers, Theresa, Ruby and Bernice.  We raised £289.00 on the knockout and finals night.

Many thanks also to those who bought tickets and donated raffle prizes for finals night.

Once again, the Working Men’s Club supplied the finals night food free of charge – thank you to them.

Expenditure was £571.36.

Income was £843.72, down slightly from last year.  Made up from £312 subs, £240 KO entries and £289.00 raffles.

If anyone would like to see the accounts, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Report from Nick

Thank you for all result texts/WhatsApp messages received during the last season – worked well this year.  Please be aware that the confirmation of receipt of your text comes from Nick’s personal number, which he does to save our club money.  Could all team’s please use WhatsApp wherever possible, to send the results, ideally with a picture of the scorecard, which can be attached -this makes things easier and the service is free to use which is a bonus.  Your Pub/Club should have Wi-Fi, which is more reliable than mobile networks. 


Most phone companies have Wi-Fi calling (usually within your phone settings) – if you have this option then please set it as this will help you to send in results


If you have any comments or would like to add any extra to this, please let Nick know.


Election of Committee

The chairman’s position is normally a 3 year and it was asked if anyone would like to take up the role now that Eddie’s 3 years were finished.  As there was no one put forward, we are stuck with Eddie for another 3 years.


The chairman asked that the committee members of Nick Peckett, Theresa Rogers-Walshaw and Linda Raper be re-elected “en bloc” Proposed by Barry Maughan and seconded by Len Thompson. 


In the event of any emergency and committee members are unavailable, then that teams Captain will co-op on to the committee.


The Chairman again asked for nominations/volunteers for the committee – this was an urgent request as more committee members were required for the league to survive successfully.


There were no other written agenda items to discuss.


Roll Call and New Applications

The committee proposed to keep the fees as they currently stand, league fees £12.00 per team and knock out fees £10.00 per team – unanimously accepted.


All teams were accepted into the league which showed 12 teams in A and 14 teams in B.  There was one name change in B League, Coach and Horses changed back to Diamond Inn


The way the season ran last year seemed to work well and it was proposed to run this year’s season similar, where possible with just a couple of fine tuning.


Change to Rules

There was no new change to rules advised.


Proposals from Committee

The committee proposed: -

  • League and Knockout fees not to be increased
  • League matches start 2nd September League A and 16th September League B
  • KO’s to start same time as normal League games (8.30pm) but always check website.  Captains should notify there plays of start times just in case some have changed to 8.00pm.
  • Finals night probably early April 2016
  • Venue for finals night Barnard Castle WMC (Eddie to speak to them regards 16 year + players)


-proposed by Dave Dotten and 2nd by Frank Ashmore, the members accepted.


  • Play offs still to be decided.


Members were reminded that the Captains meeting would be on the 27th August, 8pm at the Cricket Club.


There being no further business, the chairman thanked all for their contribution to the meeting and declared the meeting closed.