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Barnard Castle and District 5’s and 3’s

Minutes of the 2018 AGM


The Barnard Castle and District 5’s and 3’s AGM was held at The Cricket Club, Barnard Castle on Tuesday 14th August 2018.


Open and Apologies

The Chairman, Eddie Tinkler opened the meeting at 8.00pm and welcomed all representatives and committee members Nick Peckett, Theresa Rogers-Walshaw and Linda Raper and apologised for Chuck Hughes not been in attendance, confirming that Chuck has resigned his position on the committee.  No other apologies were put forward.


Minutes of 2017 AGM

A show of hands approved the minutes of the 2017 AGM – proposed by Gillian Watson and seconded by Les.  There were no matters arising from the minutes and they were unanimously approved.


Chairman’s Report

“You will be pleased to know that in keeping with past practice, this report will be brief and to the point.


I would like to thank the committee, captains, teams and hosts for another successful trouble-free year, which culminated in Middleton Club A team and Royal Oak B topping the leagues.


There are other thank you’ s to give, but having seen Linda’s report, I’m not going to cover that ground.


My personal thanks to James Dykes for stepping up to help the committee on finals night when the occasion proved too exciting for me!!


We desperately need more committee.  Nick has his hands full looking after the scores and keeping the website up to date, Linda is fulfilling a dual role of treasurer and secretary, Theresa is always there to assist where needed.  Two additional committee would make a big difference – its not that tying – we get by on minimal meetings by making use of email communications.


I will be asking for committee nominations later, this is your league, we need your help to keep it going!


Tolerance – 1)   if your team is going to be running late, please have the curtesy to contact the team you are travelling to, to let them know.  We would not like to find a situation where future games, the home team claim a win due to you been late turning up to play.  2)  we have some players with not a lot of experience, we have some players with a wealth of experience – they may not play their dominoes as fast as we would like, they will make minor mistakes – don’t forget, we’ve all been beginners, we are all becoming more experience.


Finally – the new season is about to begin, lets all enjoy it competitively and get the boards out as much as possible to encourage others to play – to get a beginner to sit beside you and watch is the best way to start an interest.  Let’s keep this great game going strong.  Thank you, Eddie Tinkler


Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

We ended the season with a profit of £321.76 giving us a carryover balance of £1533.09.


Many tanks once again to our raffle ticket and football card sellers, Theresa, Ruby and Bernice.  We raised £320.00 on the knockout and finals night.

Many thanks also to those who bought tickets and donated raffle prizes for finals night.

Once again, the Working Men’s Club supplied the finals night food free of charge – thank you to them.

Expenditure was £517.00.

Income was £838.41, down slightly from last year.  Made up from £288 subs, £230 KO entries and £320.00 raffles.

I have enclosed an itemised balance sheet and if anyone would like to see the accounts please do not hesitate to ask me, you might even find the extra .35p that I cannot find (we think this might be interest but unfortunately, when we (I) requested another itemized statement, the person I spoke to did not quite understand) !!

Report from Nick

Thank you for all result texts received during the last season – worked well this year.  Please be aware that the confirmation of receipt of your text comes from Nick’s personal number, which he does to save our club money.  Considering this, could all team’s please start using WhatsApp wherever possible, to send the results, ideally with a picture of the scorecard, which can be sent -this makes things easier and the service is free to use which is a bonus.  Your Pub/Club should have Wi-Fi, which is more reliable than mobile networks.


If you have any comments or would like to add any extra to this, please let Nick know.


Election of Commitee

The chairman asked that the committee members of Nick Peckett, Theresa Rogers-Walshaw and Linda Raper be re-elected “en bloc” Proposed by Gillian Watson and seconded by Dave Dolton.  This was approved by a show of hands, proposed Trevor Hutchinson, seconded Mark Wallace.


The Chairman again asked for nominations/volunteers for the committee – this was an urgent request as more committee members were required for the league to survive successfully.


Mark Wallace proposed Gillian Watson which was seconded by Keith Dent.  Gillian agreed and then nominated Mark Wallace, who declined gracefully.


Roll Call and New Applications

Was completed successfully with 3 new teams, Langdon Beck A (was High Force) and Langdon Beck B plus Cricketers Arms (was Coach & Horses).


The committee proposed to keep the fees as they currently stand, league fees £12.00 per team and knock out fees £10.00 per team – unanimously accepted.


All teams were accepted into the league which showed 12 teams in A and 14 teams in B.  Initially it was decided to do 2 teams of 13 but after further discussions after the AGM, the committee decided on 14 teams in the A division and 12 teams in the B division.  This would allow easier game management with less byes through the season.


The way the season ran last year seemed to work well and it was proposed to run this year’s season similar – unanimously accepted.


Change to Rules

Minimum player age was discussed, and the committee agreed 16 years of age is acceptable so long as no alcohol was consumed by the individual.  It was highlighted that this might not be ok when playing within a club as usual rules request that under 18 years vacate by 9.00 pm.  2 people voted against this (not because they disagreed but because they did not know if the landlords would agree to this) - as most players agreed to this, the above changes were accepted – the 2 players who objected will clarify with the landlords and confirm at the Captains meeting, what the landlords say.


Proposals from Committee

The committee proposed: -

  • League and Knockout fees not be increased
  • League matches start 3rd September
  • Finals night probably early April 2016
  • Venue for finals night Barnard Castle WMC (Eddie to speak to them regards 16 year + players)


-the members accepted.


  • Play offs still to be decided.


Members were reminded that the Captains meeting would be on the 28th August, 8pm at the Cricket Club.


There being no further business, the chairman thanked all for their contribution to the meeting and declared the meeting closed.