Barnard Castle and District 5s & 3s League








2018-19 Individual Scores

The Santos Lavin Individual Trophy 2018/19
Positions after week 19
Smith Graham Kings Head, C'fld 35
Atkinson Tony Bowes Dragons 34
Marr Jackie Bowes Dragons 34
Goldsbrough Ray Red Lion A 34
Blackett David Royal Oak B 34
Dalton David Kings Head, C'fld 34
Roberts Tanya Royal Oak A 33
Gibson Jack Cricket Club B 33
Davison Colin Kings Head, C'fld 33
Granger Jim Bowes Dragons 32
Maughan Barry Kings Head, C'fld 32
Heckley Mel Royal Oak B 32
Middleton Judith Royal Oak A 32
Makepeace Malcolm Middleton Club A 30
Wylie Mike Wheatsheaf B 30









The B Division Individual Trophy 2018/19
Positions after week 17
Newbiggin Jeff Black Horse 35
Lyle Maggie Middleton Club B 33
Hebdon Fred Middleton Club B 33
Trowles Julie Coach & Horses 29
Wade Wendy Middleton Club B 29
Kipling Ian Bowes WMC A 29
Wheeler Frank Cricketers Arms 29
Tarpey Chris Red Lion B 29
Hughes Teresa Black Horse 28
Little Mark Coach & Horses 28
Goldsmith Martin Moorcock Inn 28
Stafeckis John Red Lion B 27
Thompson Colin Blue Bell 27
Carter Prue Red Lion B 27
Brown John Bowes WMC A 27